Create Beautiful YouTube Titles for More Views

by | Dec 31, 2021

How to create tricky YouTube titles for more views and why they are necessary.

youtube titles

If you want to win on Youtube, titles are important. To get more views, a high click-through rate, and more overall engagement, you should start working on your titles first.

When making YouTube titles You have to think like a viewer, you have to act like your audience. To do this, you have to work on your language as well. Using simple, understandable and easily accessible language in your videos should be your priority.

To understand it better, let’s take an example. Suppose, you are uploading a video related to a hair tutorial then instead of titling your video How I Do My Hair, you should use a more specialized, descriptive title. A more engaging title like ‘TUTORIAL: How I style my fine, color-treated hair for a wedding’. It looks more interesting and most viewers can relate to it easily.

But one worth-discussing question is why is this important?

Well, before searching on a platform, every user has a set goal in his mind. One user might be looking for a video that is related to a wedding hairstyle. Some other users might want a video related to fine hair tutorials and another user might looking for some more specific goals. So, you as a creator, have to make sure that you cover all the things that a user might search for and also include that in your video title.

This is the way you can succeed in getting more attraction from the audience. Otherwise, they’ll scroll up and click on any other video that best matches their set goal. when a user searches on the platform looking for a tutorial; they have a specific end goal in mind.

Tips for writing most effective Youtube titles

For this, the following tips will help you in writing the most effective youtube titles for your youtube videos.

Keyword research

Conducting proper keyword research is the first and the most important tip when working on youtube titles.

Keyword research is not only necessary for video titles but is also essential for getting more views. You can use the YouTube auto-suggest option or use any keyword research tools for this purpose. Tools like Tubebuddy, Ahrefs Keywords Explorer, or any other can help you in getting a list of the keywords that best relate to your niche and video.

For instance, you are making a video on workout advice then your keywords could be like “workout tips,” or “weight lifting advice.” different tools will give you different lists of keywords with their overall competition and search volume. However, most keyword tools suggest synonyms of the words as their primary and secondary keywords. To know more about keyword research for youtube, read this blog here and join this free youtube growth course now.

Be Descriptive:

The second tip is to be very descriptive.

The description seems to be not that important but trust me it is the most common mistake that people do on YouTube. Ignoring descriptive words and phrases is just like losing your views by yourself. Tell me, how many times you have seen videos on YouTube that use words like  AWESOME!, or What? or Genius Moves? Not, in fact very rare.

One can understand that the up-loader or creator of the video was excited about it but how do people know that a certain video has awesome or great content without watching that video. Definitely, the first thing that they see is the title and thumbnail of a video. So, when you use such words in your title, you increase your video views to a maximum chance. It’s as simple as sounds.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you just write an awesome or genius move in your title. Use these words and make a title that stands out like “try Awesome Soccer Skills”.

Learn from others

The third and most important tip is to Learn from Others’ Successes & Failures on YouTube.

Most people find it difficult to select an engaging and unique title for their video. Their video content is amazing but they cannot find a good title. If you are also one of those people, then I would suggest you spend 10-15 minutes and search for similar videos on YouTube. How this will benefit you?

When you search for other videos related to your topic, you’ll see some videos with high views and some with very less views. So, you’ll get an idea that the video with high views has used this thing in their title. Similarly, the video with low views have missed this thing and that’s why they lag behind. So, this is the simple way to learn from others’ successes and failures and then make your own strategy out of it.

Use “video” in the title

The last and very interesting tip is to Use the Word “Video” in the title.

You’ll be surprised but believe me, many people who searched for a video use the word video in it. The purpose of including the word video in your title is that it will increase the relevancy of your video on the view page. When your video also contains the word video so it will come up on the search page when a searcher is looking for it.

youtube titles

For example, your video is about a healthy lifestyle. Then use the title healthy lifestyle video so you can get maximum views.


In the end, a video with great titles always succeeds in grabbing the audience’s attention which alternatively gives you more views. On the other side, a video with a poor title fail to attract people as they didn’t find it interesting at all. So, take some timeout and spend in making video titles that stand out.


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