How Youtube Subscribers Increase your Channel’s Ranking?

by | Dec 15, 2021

High Youtube subscribers count maximizes your chance of building your channel on the top of search results and thus plays a vital role in YouTube ranking.

Ranking your videos high on the world’s second-largest website is a very difficult task. You have to keep an eye on each factor of YouTube which can build your rankings and increasing your Youtube subscribers count is one of them.

Apart from YouTube ranking, many people join YouTube as a means of making money out of it. So, if you are also on a mission to make some income out of it, you have to increase your number of subscribers. For example; – your channel should have at least 1,000 subscribers to enable monetization settings otherwise you cannot make money out of your videos. Once you achieved the milestone of 1,000 subscribers, you become part of the YouTube partner program and start earning revenue. So, the higher the subscribers you have, the higher you will be able to access other YouTube features like paid promotions, etc.

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But there are some people who don’t want to become a YouTube celebrity and are just making videos to promote and grow their brand’s digital presence. Are subscribers important for such people too? Yes, because 70% of the videos people watch on YouTube daily rely on the YouTube algorithm means if you have more subscribers, YouTube will recommend your videos to new people, and thus you will get more views and engagement.

Who is YouTube Subscribers?

A subscriber is the one who has willingly followed your channel, and your content. He is the one who will be notified whenever you upload a new video. In short, a subscriber is your fan who is loyal to me, watch your videos, like them, share them, and comment on them. So, having a high subscribers base is important to create an online community.

Creative Ways to Increase your Youtube Subscribers

1. Ask your viewers to subscribe

A reminder is always required. We, as human beings forget important things mistakenly so asking your viewers to subscribe is the best way to increase your subscribers. It has a large impact on your subscription. When people are watching your video they sometimes just ignore the red big subscribe button and proceed to watch further. It doesn’t affect viewers in any way but it’s a big deal for you so, it’s important to keep reminding your viewers to subscribe and click the bell icon so they can receive new videos on time.

And if you’re already following this strategy, then give your viewers a reason to subscribe. Tell them about your channel and content in more detail so they can engage with it further.

2. Mention your next video

Providing amazing and unique content is the most important thing in YouTube’s success. When viewers subscribe to a channel, it means that they are excited to watch the future videos of that channel. So, mentioning your next video in your currently running video is a great way to increase subscribers. But make sure that your next video has some interesting or surprising for the viewers so they wait for it impatiently.

3. Increase your uploading frequency

No doubt, the main purpose of a subscriber subscribing to your channel is that he loves your videos and wants to watch more from you. But, when you don’t upload videos consistently and remain offline for a long time, there is a chance that your viewers might unsubscribe you. So, to prevent your channel from dropping down, you need to increase your uploading frequency. Especially in this digital era, people need more and more content to entertain themselves.

4. Consistently Interact

YouTube is a complete community in which people interact with each other in different ways and build long relationships. So, interacting consistently with other communities and people on YouTube builds your channel and increases your youtube subscribers. Doing this will encourage people from different communities to watch your content and increase your video engagement. Here, in this article, You’ll get all about SEO.

Just like otherworldly matters, YouTube also runs on the “Give and Take” principle. When you like and share others’ videos, they’ll also like and promote your content.

5. Use Annotations

Annotations are the clickable pictures and text that you can add to your videos as a means of adding more information about a certain topic. Adding annotations directly in your videos or using them as custom thumbnails can have a positive impact on your video’s click-through rate. Moreover, these annotations are very useful in telling the audience about your video content and help you attract new people to your channel.

6. Embed your videos on your website or blog

This one is really very beneficial. You can embed your YouTube videos in your own website or blog. Doing this will not only increase your blog traffic and increase your website on the Google rankings but also increase your video engagement and youtube subscribers. When you embed a relevant and unique video on your site, people proceed to click on it and your video might encourage them to subscribe to the channel as well. So, it’s a win-win situation. Right?

7. Run a contest or giveaway

Investing in something to get higher results is an experimented technique. Many people use different kinds of tricks to get fame like buying fake followers with money etc. But, you can use a simple and more effective way like you can run a contest or announcing a giveaway to attract more people to your channel because it works a lot of times. People are very much interested in participating in contests and giveaways and winning prizes out of it. So, play the game and ask your people to subscribe in order to participate in the winning contest.

In the end, subscribers play a vital role in your video SEO as high subscribers give your videos more watch time and more engagement as well that is important for your channel to rank high on YouTube.  In addition, the subscriber base is considered a very important factor in YouTube and Google algorithms.

Before I conclude, here is one bonus tip for you. Don’t ever compromise on the consistency of making videos. Remember, when someone subscribes to your channel, it simply means that they want to get more from you regularly and if you don’t give it regularly to your viewers, there is a high chance that they’ll unsubscribe you. So, make your schedule and upload at least two videos in a week to build your subscribers base.


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