Importance of YouTube Channel/Video Settings for SEO

by | Dec 30, 2021

If you have a YouTube channel and you’re putting a lot of effort into youtube settings and making videos but you are not getting the result that you wanted or your channel has very slow progress, then you should try changing your style of making videos or all the unique things you create for every video whether it is a thumbnail, title or meta descriptions.

However, the reason is that sometimes, the things you always use are not working smartly for you so it is important for you to change them to grow your channel.

Why YouTube settings are important?

youtube settings

So, let’s discuss some YouTube settings that you should apply and you would know that why these settings are important.

YouTube default uploads can be very helpful for your channel growth. When you log into YouTube Studio and visit the settings tab. you will see the default upload option there.

So click on that and choose upload defaults and when you upload a video on YouTube, these default uploads settings will be pre-populated with what’s in your default fields.

Titles and Description

The 1st YouTube settings to apply is Titles and descriptions

In YouTube default settings, there are some important things where you want to add some amazing and eye-catching stuff. Your title and meta descriptions should be so attractive that they will engage the audience in your content. In this way, YouTube default settings can help you grow your channel.

Remember that You can also add your social media profile links in your default settings so you don’t forget them when you upload new videos.

Other than this, the hashtag is another thing you can use in your YouTube defaults to grow your audience. You can add them at the very end of your description box to promote your content.

2- Apply Tags

The 2nd YouTube default settings to apply is Tags.

The tags are the second in YouTube settings after titles and description

It’s another most important opportunity to include some tags in all of the videos you’ll be uploading. Because these are very useful settings to grab the viewer’s attention. You should choose the keywords relevant to your content and your work so you don’t have to write these things every time you upload a video.

3- Monetization

Another important setting of YouTube is to monetize your channel and if your channel is monetized you can run ads in your videos to earn more potential income. Especially if you make long videos such as 15 to 20 minutes and you have 70-80% audience attention then YouTube allows you to run multiple ads in your videos.

Enabling monetization settings in your YouTube videos can give you a pretty good income and definitely increase your channel growth. You can apply default settings related to ads in the monetization tab.

Before completing this article, let me tell you one more thing.

4- Advanced YouTube Settings

I would like to discuss the Default Advanced YouTube settings

There are many new and advanced YouTube settings you can apply to grow your channel. Read this blog to learn more about Youtube engagement.

The license option allows you to protect your videos from piracy under the Standard YouTube License or you can upload your videos under the creative commons license.

The category option in YouTube can help you choose a category related to your content and thus, more people can find you from your category.

The language option in YouTube’s advanced settings allows you to choose any language that most of your viewers can easily understand and it attract relevant people to your channel. You can select a language you’re speaking in your video and select a language in which your title and description are written. Like for example, your video might be in Spanish but the description is written in English.

The captions certification option is for the US TV Channels’ videos. Closed Captions are required in the videos aired on television in the US. This requirement is from the Federal Communications Commission in the United States. If your video doesn’t require closed captions, you can select the reason why.

Another setting called to manage your comments enable you to choose whether you want to allow comments or not and also block harsh comments on your videos to maintain your integrity in front of others or hold all the comments for review before they’re public.

There are many other options in YouTube advanced settings like age restriction, enabling location, showing tags, using thumbnail, adding cards, etc which you can apply to grow your channel and enlarge your audience but some of these options are not shown in the Default Settings and are only shown when you are uploading a video.


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