6 Important Tools for YouTube Growth & SEO

by | Jan 2, 2022

YouTube is a rapidly growing search engine with billions of users and many hours of videos being uploaded on daily basis for youtube growth.

So if you want to become a YouTube star now, it would be very hard for you to build your channel as there is very tough competition between YouTuber’s nowadays.

But in this article, I’m going to discuss some important tools which would help you to build your channel. Besides uploading informative and eye-catching content, you should know about these tools as well.

So there are many important tools that you can use to build your channel and be a voice on this competitive platform. We’ve already discussed some of these tools in the past so if you already know about a tool, you can fast forward 10 seconds or more of the video.

important tools for youtube

1- Ahref’s keyword explorer

The first important tool is Ahref’s keyword explorer

The very first and important thing for your YouTube growth is keyword research. Doing proper keyword research and adding those keywords in your titles, thumbnails, captions, and description of the videos is very crucial for your channel.

So one of the greatest tools for keyword research is to use Ahref’s keyword explorer. In it, you can easily search for a particular keyword and see the cost per click, search volume, competition, and location where the keywords are used a lot. This is very important for you if you are starting your YouTube journey today (I mean if you’re a newbie and have enrolled in this course so you can start a channel).

2- Canva

The second important tool is Canva

YouTube marketing is not only about uploading videos, graphic designing also plays a major role in your YouTube growth. If you want to grow your subscribers quickly, enroll in this course now.

Canva is an easy-to-use YouTube marketing tool that allows you to create beautiful, high-quality featured images or thumbnails for your videos. Or images and videos which you can use in the video. Most of the graphics we are using in this channel are made on Canva and you too can use Canva for your benefit.

Canva has a pretty simple interface for its users and the most important thing it is free to use. Although there is also a paid version with more library items the free one also has bigger media items and beautiful photos by which you can easily create end screens and cards for your YouTube channel.

So by using canva for graphics, you can engage more people on your videos and can increase your CTR by great thumbnails.

3- VidIQ

The third important tool is VidIQ.

This can help you in using proper tags and can help you get to know about the competition and difficulty level of the tags that you are using in your videos. There are other advantages of this tool too which we have already discussed in our course videos which you can join here.

4- TubeBuddy

The fourth important tool I would like you to know about is TubeBuddy. To know more about engagement, read this blog here.

It’s is an amazing browser extension that helps you to run your YouTube channel with comfort and ease. The best thing about TubeBuddy is it will give you a quick overview about your channel within a single app without wasting your time and using so many software or applications.

5- Cyfe

The fifth important tool is Cyfe.

Analyzing your channel is as important as uploading new and entertaining content on daily basis. Cyfe is a popular tool that enables you to look at your channel analytics easily and manage your activities. By using cyfe, you can easily edit your previous videos and collect data from them to publish new content.

However, it can be used to track social media analytics with website analytics and sales, so content makers can match marketing aims with business aims.  In simple words, it is a great tool for you to grow your channel and drive more people to your website.

6- YouTube Studio

The last important tool I’ll talk about is YouTube studio.

YouTube Studio is the official channel management tool of YouTube which help people to easily manage their content and see their subscriber’s change, real-time views, and other important videos and channel analytics.

You can easily get an idea about what your audience wants by knowing the most popular video on your channel. It also allows you to monitor your channel, add filters to your videos, and respond to your comments. Along with content management, it is also a great video editing app of YouTube.

Apart from those I mentioned, there are many more tools that can help you to build your YouTube channel and manage your channel’s content for more audience retention and ranking. So, you should use different tools to get high ranking and rapid growth on YouTube.


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