What are YouTube Search Filters and How to Use Them?

by | Jan 2, 2022

How many times did you get exhausted while searching on youtube search filters?

Of, course every time, especially when you have to search for something on a large database like YouTube. Moreover, searching becomes more difficult when you don’t have a clear idea of what you’re looking for.

It may happen sometimes that you don’t even remember the exact title when searching for a particular video. Or you might be looking for a wide category of videos to watch. In this case, youtube search filters can do the job for you.

In addition, youtube has a lot of search options for you if you ever feel confused about finding a certain video. These filters give you more power to find the content more quickly and conveniently. For example, if you want a longer video with subtitles and HD resolution, then you can get help from the HD and Closed captions search filter. By applying these two filters, you’ll see only HD videos with closed captions on them.

youtube search filters

In this article, we’ll be going over how to access and use the YouTube search filters.

Before proceeding further, if you don’t know how to apply youtube search filters then let me give you an idea about using these filters.

To apply youtube search filters, click on the filters options alongside the search toggle. This will scroll down many different search filters in front of you. Choose the one you want to search for in a particular video. To know more about Youtube SEO, read this blog.

So let’s discuss in detail what each search filter does.

1- Sort by filter

The first youtube search filter is Sort by filter.

The “Sort by” filter allows you to change the order in which videos are shown on the search page. You have four choices in this filter. Choosing “Relevance” will return videos that are most relevant to your search result. The “Upload date” option will show videos according to the date and time when they were added to YouTube. Moreover, the newest videos will be displayed first. The “View Count” option will show videos organized by the most views and similarly “Rating” option will return videos in the order of the highest rating.

2- Type filter

Another youtube search filter is the Type filter.

This “Type” filter allows you to choose the type of content you want to show up on the home page. The “All” option will return everything. The “Video” option will return regular YouTube videos. The “Channel” option will return channels based on your search result. The “Playlist” option will return a series of videos or playlists based on your search term. The “Movie” option will return films that are on YouTube.

3- Upload date filter

Upload date filter is another amazing search filter of YouTube.

 Here, you can choose when a video was uploaded. This is useful when you’re looking for videos that were uploaded recently. — For example, applying the “Today” option in this filter will only show videos that were uploaded in the last 24 hours.

4- Video Duration

Another search filter on YouTube is Video Duration.

 The “Duration” filter allows you to choose the exact duration of a particular video. You can choose between short or long-form videos. Short videos are those which are less than four minutes. On the other hand, long videos are those which are more than 20 minutes. So, you can easily choose the videos according to their length. Moreover, if you want to grow your youtube subscribers quickly, enroll in this course now.

How to use Youtube search filters as operators?

If you don’t want to click on the search filters option and want a faster way of searching then operators are the best features for you. You can use these operators by simply including a comma along with your searched keyword.

For example, typing “Android, week, short, HD” would display videos about the Android phones that are uploaded this week and are under four minutes and in HD resolution.  Moreover, if this doesn’t work perfectly for you then you can also go for advanced search operators.

Let’s look at some important advanced search operators found on YouTube.

1- Exclude Terms from a Search

The first operator you can apply is to Exclude Terms from a Search. This acts as a minus operator and removes unwanted terms from the search.

For example, suppose you wanted to watch clips of cricket matches but didn’t want to include anything related to the Australian team. You could enter “Cricket- Australia” to exclude anything that is related to the Australian team.

2- Add a Wildcard

Another operator you can apply is to add a Wildcard. This operator uses an asterisk to find what a searcher is looking for.

This operator doesn’t work in all situations. However, it can help you to find something like “best * of 2021” to discover something new.

3- Search for Multiple Terms

The last operator I would like to talk about is to Search for Multiple Terms.

If you want to find something that includes a wi9de range of search results then this operator will act as a pipe for you. For example, a search for “cats | dogs” would bring up videos containing either about cats or dogs. So, that was all about youtube search filters. I hope you know get to know about the importance and use of youtube search results. Use them and discover your desired content within a short time.


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