Importance of Community Tab on YouTube – SEO Tips

by | Jan 2, 2022

YouTube provides its users with new features and advanced settings like community tab so that they can easily engage with each other on the platform. Whether it comes to captions, thumbnails, comments, or descriptions; YouTube always works hard to provide every facility to its users, and the YouTube community tab is one of these amazing features of YouTube.

What is YouTube Community tab?

You should have an idea about what YouTube Community is?

Basically, the community Tab is an advanced feature for YouTube creators to share their thoughts or work-related content in the form of text, links, GIFs, images, and polls.

community tab

But there is a condition; that is; to use the community Tab, your channel should have at least 1000 subscribers. To know more about youtube subscribers, read this blog here.

Advantages of Community Tab

Now, let’s look at the advantages of a Community Tab.

The community tab is a very powerful tool when it comes to engaging your audience on YouTube.

1- Using Polls

The first and important benefit of the community tab is polls.

Using community Tab in the form of a poll can be very effective for your channel growth. You can use polls to ask suggestions from your audience about an interesting topic. You can use polls to give your audience an option to vote for their favorite video of yours.

Not only this, you can also get votes by creating a yes or No poll option. In this way, you can involve more audiences in your videos.

2- Sharing Short Videos

Next benefit of the community tab is Sharing short videos.

You can also share short videos as teaser of your new video to attract more audience. A short video clip or behind the scenes of your new video involves more people to your content as they wait impatiently for your video. In this way, you can easily get more views and watch time when you upload that pre-promoted video.

3- Add a Funny GIF

You can also use this tab to add a funny GIF or a meme.

People are very interested in memes or GIFs and you might have observed that on other social platforms that people love to read memes and tag their friends on a particular post.

In the same way, the YouTube community tab also provides you this opportunity to post memes or GIFs related to your video so more people can watch your videos.

4- Add Memes and Polls

Other than memes and polls, you can also host QnA sessions on the community tab.

QnA session is also an attractive feature of community Tab and it keeps you in touch with your audience. You can inform your audience before hosting a QnA session so people can comment more and more questions and it would be easy for you to answer their questions. In this way, you can get more close to your audience and engage more people to your channel.

5- New Content Ideas

One of the important advantages of YouTube community Tab is that it helps you to get new content ideas for your videos. You can easily post a question like ‘’what should be the next video’’ or ‘’should I make video on xyz topic’’ etc. And by considering the choice and interest of the audience, you can easily make new content. Alternatively; your video will get more views because people are interested in that topic.

6- Sharing Links

One other most important benefit of the community tab is that by using community Tab, you can easily share the links to your website or post an image of your products and services with a special discount only for your YouTube audience. In this way, more people would click on your link and your true followers would love to buy your products or services.

So now you know how having a community tab Builds a strong relation with the audience.

When you ask the suggestions or interests of your audience, answer their questions, share your unseen pictures or videos, make videos according to your audience’s choice then you would definitely be able to make a strong connection with your audience and they would recommend more people to your channel.

So, by following the above-discussed features of community tab you would be able to build your channel more easily. In the end, Community Tab is really very helpful for your channel’s growth if you use it in a proper way.


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