How Can Bell Icon Notification Clicks Help in Video Views?

by | Dec 17, 2021

The bell icon is a new feature introduced by YouTube in September 2016. If you enable the bell icon for a specific channel, you will get a notification every time that channel uploads a video.

For years, many have considered YouTube notifications both a blessing and a curse. For viewers, notifications help inform them when content comes out from their favorite creators. But for many creators who rely on this notification system, it’s been a little shaky for the past couple of years. YouTube has finally acknowledged this and is doing something to improve it.

Let me tell you how notifications work on YouTube. When someone subscribes to your channel, a bell icon appears to him near that red subscribe button. This bell icon gives the viewer a chance to get notifications of different types. Like if you will tap at the ‘’All’’ notifications option then it’s obvious that you’ll receive all kinds of notifications from that channel. And that’s why you have seen many YouTubers saying their viewers to subscribe and press the bell icon as well.

bell icon

How to Activate YouTube Notifications?

Step 1: Subscribe

The first step when activating your YouTube notifications is to subscribe. You should have subscribed if you want to get notifications. Moreover, a subscription is important for increasing the potential audience in a short time. The more subscribers you have, the more people you’ll have in line to watch your upcoming videos as they’ll receive a notification every time you upload something.

Step 2: Alerts

After subscribing to a channel, click on the gray bell icon that is next to the red subscribe button, tap on it and it will start ringing. And that’s it. You’ll now get notifications of all the latest videos and other content that will be posted on that particular channel. This will also increase Your video engagement. Read this blog post here to learn more about video engagement on Youtube.

How to Attract Users to Click on Bell Icon?

1. Zero in on your specific niche

To market your YouTube channel and take it to another step you have t optimize it well by using all the powerful tricks and strategies that will optimize your channel and take it to another level. So, you have to be very selective and zero in your specific niche because your content and your videos are not very single person-it’s for your audience, only yours.

2. Research, and improve your video’s search ranking

YouTube does evaluate your videos to get them on the search results. So, one of the most important strategies is to optimize your videos for YouTube search.

In simple words, you have to get an idea of what your audience is looking in the search page. By this, if your audience types those keywords in the search box which are relevant to your video keywords, then there is a great possibility of your video to stand up high on the search results page. Whether it’s an inspirational video, a podcast, a gaming video, or entertainment content, you should know the interest of your audience and then improve your video’s search rankings according to that interest.

3. Build relationships with your viewers

Video engagement is becoming a top metric nowadays. According to a survey in 2017 and 2018, more than 70% of YouTube viewers follow a YouTuber and start interacting with his content daily. This simply means that the more you build strong relationships with your viewers, the more you’ll be benefited from your audience in terms of likes, shares, and subscribers. Because the goal here is to not get inorganic followers and views, the goal is to build a strong relationship with the people watching you daily, interacting with you through your videos and amazing content. So, pull your audience engagement on the sky by building a relationship that lasts forever.

4. Customize your thumbnails

Creating custom thumbnails is one of the easiest steps to boost your YouTube channel because your thumbnail and the title are the first things that viewers see when clicking on a video. So, think carefully about your thumbnail and customize it according to the video topic. Remember, customized thumbnails grab more attention than youtube default thumbnails because youtube selects any screenshot or blurred image from your video ad upload it as a thumbnail which leaves a very impact on the audience. So, create eye-catching and attractive thumbnails yourself and design them to get more audience attention.

So, that was all about the bell icon and YouTube views. Make sure to ask your subscribers to turn their bell icon on so they don’t miss any new content and you don’t miss your engagement. Right?


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