Essentials of Writing Content

by | Dec 14, 2021

Essentials of Writing Content

  • Ability to write on a range of topics
  • Use keywords in such a way that readers can easily understand
  • Start writing to know if you can write or not- choose a topic to write on as per your choice
  • Keep practicing to become a good writer- write, write and write
  • Make engaging and creative content
  • Write well researched content
  • Writing is a skill, it can be improved with time
  • Write content that fulfills the needs of the search engine
  • Avoid fluff- content should be clear; avoid jargon, repetition and too many words
  • SEO
  • A writer should update their knowledge regarding the topics they are writing on
  • Qualities of a good content writer
    • Good command on grammar and language
    • Thorough researcher
    • Create fresh content
    • Should have a curiosity to know more
    • Good proofreading skills
    • Title should be catchy
    • Write curate content- thoroughly researched
    • There should be a good storyline
    • Draft and redraft
    • Be persistent
  • Content creation is difficult- quality content is difficult to make and writing unique content on a present topic is more difficult
  • Have a positive mindset- believe in yourself that you can write
  • Have the right guidance while writing


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