Why video length is important?

by | Jan 2, 2022

 Why video length is important and how do longer videos rank higher than shorter ones?

video length

If you are a content creator with a YouTube channel, you might be wondering why video length is important or what should be the optimal video length for a YouTube channel to rank?

In fact, if you ask anyone for a response to this issue, they will all have a different perspective on it. Many individuals believe it should be shorter, while others believe it should be longer.

So, to clear this confusion, let’s look at the aspects of both shorter and longer videos.

Shorter videos

First of all, let’s discuss the shorter videos.

If you look at the statistics, they will tell you that most of the popular YouTube videos are of 3 minutes. So, you should make 3 minutes videos, Right? No, the reason is the average YouTube videos are of 3 minutes because 90% of them are music videos that are good for those who belong to this field or make music videos.

The main thing is that the video length depends on your category or field. For example; – If you’re a business content maker then your videos should be of 2-3 minutes. If you make health and beauty videos, then it should be for 5-10 minutes. If you have a gaming channel then it could be of 40-50 minutes long. And if you make podcasts then it could be of 1 hour or more.

So, it depends on your field and your audience choice. I have observed that shorter videos tend to do better than longer ones. I have seen that they even have high search volume and low competition; but, again, it totally depends on your audience. The main thing is to experiment whether they engage better with longer videos or shorter ones.

 In short YouTube videos, you cannot experiment on something within a small time range and you cannot communicate much with the audience to provide them the most value of your content in an effective manner. But, it does not mean that you cannot pursue a short video strategy. You can make a strategy to create short videos if you think your audience will like shorter videos.

How short videos can be helpful for you?

Short YouTube videos can be very effective when it comes to attracting viewers’ attention. More people click on your video when it’s short because they want to get more information in a short time. Moreover, Short YouTube videos can be very helpful in creating a ‘’quick How-To’’ video to solve a specific problem of the audience.

For example, you can make a video on how to reset your phone at home or how to connect a projector to a laptop and many more videos like this. and the best part in short videos is that you can easily focus on one thing and can attract audience towards yourself within a short span of time. Read this article to know more about YouTube engagement. Also, enroll in this course if you want to grow your youtube subscribers.

Longer Videos

Now, you have some knowledge about the advantages and disadvantages of shorter YouTube videos, so let’s move towards the advantages of making longer videos:-


The very first benefit of making longer videos is monetization. Placing more than one ad is not possible in short videos but you can place more than one ad in longer videos.

When it comes to increasing the watch time, longer YouTube videos can be very effective in it. They can increase the watch time of your channel and thus can build your ranking on YouTube. When you have good content which involves people in your videos, people would definitely love to watch your full video and gain more information about something as it saves their time in searching for the same topic in a more detailed way.

It increase Ranking

The most important benefit of longer videos is they can increase your ranking on YouTube. When you make longer videos and put all the relevant stuff and information with some entertainment in it then, people would definitely love to watch more from you, and indirectly your chance of ranking high on YouTube increases.

But, keep one thing in mind that never put irrelevant and boring stuff in your videos just to make them longer and to increase watch time because people would leave your video if they don’t find any information in it.

So, now you can choose what video length is best for your channel because the duration of the video depends on a number of factors like:

  •  Type of audience
  • What type of content they want from you
  • Age of audience
  • Interest of audience, whether they want informative or entertaining content
  • On which device people mostly watch you
  • Your style of creating videos.

Irrespective of all these factors, if you ask my opinion then I would go for longer videos and the reason is long YouTube videos can help you gain more audience retention, high ranking, and channel growth because they contain more knowledge and information than short videos.


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