Why using a playlist is important on YouTube?

by | Dec 29, 2021

The playlist is one of the amazing tools of YouTube. If you have a YouTube channel and do not have playlists in it then you’re missing out on the most important feature of YouTube. With the passage of time, YouTube is growing so rapidly that there are approximately four hundred hours of videos uploaded on YouTube every day.

So, think how would you stand out your channel in such an overcrowded place, and even without using playlists, it would be impossible for you.

Importance of Playlist

If you ask me why using playlists is important in YouTube? To answer this, let’s look at the importance of having a playlist in your YouTube channel.


·       Convenience to viewers

When you have a playlist in your YouTube channel then it will be easy for the visitors to see a particular video without searching it in your five hundred or more videos. They can conveniently watch the videos by saving their time scrolling for a particular video.

·       Organize your content

Suppose someone watches your video on internet marketing and to know more about internet marketing, he visits your YouTube channel, but there he finds videos on different topics and displayed randomly. Will he stay on your channel? No, he will definitely look for some other channel to search for his particular video on internet marketing. So, you miss your chance of having another subscriber just because you didn’t have any playlists. If you have organized your content and made a playlist on internet marketing, he could easily watch your whole playlist.

·       Playlist series

There are two kinds of playlists, series and regular. The series playlist is better than the regular playlist because in the series playlist you have a more organized and series of content for the viewers that encourage the viewers to watch your full playlist and they develop interest for the next video. In this way, your videos get more views. Read this blog to know more about Youtube channel growth.

·       Increases watch time

As playlists are related to a particular topic and people spend more time watching all the videos in your playlist hence it increase your channel’s watch time and help you to rank more on YouTube. But you should not upload more than 30 videos to your playlist as it might bore the audience and decrease your bounce rate.

·       Promote the channel

YouTube playlists are very helpful in promoting your channel because when people find a video on your channel they were looking for, it encourages them to watch more of you, and in this way; your less popular videos also get a chance to be viewed more than earlier. It also encourages you to create more content and make more playlists on topics in which people are more interested.

So, with these benefits of using playlists, I hope you got my answer on why using playlists is important in YouTube?

With that said, make sure to implement all the techniques and strategies of YouTube if you want to grow your channel.


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