Why LIKES are Important for Youtube Video Ranking?

by | Dec 24, 2021

Why LIKES and DISLIKES are Important for Youtube Video Ranking and How to increase video likes on your YouTube channel.

youtube video ranking

If you have some idea how the YouTube video ranking works, then you’ll understand that both likes and dislikes play an important part in the YouTube algorithm. Basically, when a video ranks high on YouTube or is watched by many viewers, YouTube gets the idea that this particular video is getting high engagement. On the basis of these engagement metrics, YouTube recommends that video in the suggested videos as well. In this way, your video viewership increases automatically.

On the other hand, getting more dislikes in a video is not a good sign for your channel engagement. More dislikes than the likes in a video tell YouTube that this certain video is not much interesting and most people don’t like it. Read this article to know more about youtube engagement.

However, there are many videos on YouTube whose dislike ratio is higher than likes but still, they are ranking on YouTube. The reason being so is that YouTube doesn’t take the like and dislike ratio that seriously as these aren’t the most important factors in the YouTube algorithm. The note-worthy thing is the CTR of your video.

Undoubtedly, more likes will improve your YouTube channel since YouTube’s algorithm will think it’s interactive or something along those lines. It also allows your videos to appear in suggested or next recommended videos. If you want to build youtube subscribers, enroll now in this free youtube SEO course.

So how do you Increase your Youtube Video Ranking?

To increase your video engagement, follow these tips and tricks as discussed below.

Interaction with viewers

Interacting with your viewers is the first and foremost strategy that I like to share with you.

Discussion from both sides is an important point in every conversation, especially in digital conversations. So, when you participate actively with your viewers, reply to their comments, answer their questions, you build a close relationship with your audience. This close relationship builds more trust among your viewers and keeps them engaged with your channel.

Most importantly, it results in great viewership and more sales for your channel.

Promote on social media

The second worth-applying strategy is to promote your YouTube videos on other social media platforms. Although, most social media channels don’t like it to post YouTube video links as it means to leave that social platform and jump to YouTube to watch that certain video.

But, relax, I have a solution for you. To promote your YouTube video ranking on other social platforms, make a short clip of that video and upload it as a full video without the YouTube embedded link.

Encourage engagement

The likes to dislikes ratio, the comments on a video, and the shares of a video matter a lot and are important ranking factors in the YouTube algorithm. So, make sure to give your audience a reminder to like, comment, and share your video.

One thing that should be clear in your mind is that YouTube engagement does not rely on a single factor. Only likes and dislikes are not enough to determine the quality of a video. But it doesn’t mean that these factors do not create any impact on your video. Of course, a video with more likes is considered way better than a video with fewer likes. But, ranking is mainly based on user retention and the overall engagement of your video.


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