Why Embedding YouTube Videos on your Website / Blog is Important?

by | Dec 29, 2021

No doubt, YouTube videos have a great impact when you embed them in your website or blogs, but is it that important to embed YouTube videos in your website every time or in your every single blog post.

The answer is embedding YouTube videos in your site can increase the viewership of your videos but it is not helpful in building your SEO.

So, how should you decide which video is used in which blog and at what time? Let’s discuss the pros and cons of embedding videos in your website one by one.

Advantages of Embedding YouTube videos in your Website and Blog

Finally, let’s discuss the advantages of embedding YouTube videos in your website and blog. When it comes to providing new and consistent content on daily basis to your readers, YouTube videos can be helpful in delivering the same information in 2 minutes video instead of reading a 7 minutes blog post and people will pay more attention to your videos.

1- Increases viewership

The first advantage of embedding YouTube videos in your website and blog is that it Increases viewership.

YouTube videos always fascinate people. People who love to gain more information in a short time prefer videos instead of reading long paragraphs.

So, when you embed a YouTube video on your well-established website, more people will be interested in that, and thus your viewership increases. But make sure that the titles, meta descriptions, and thumbnails of your videos are relevant to your blog post, and these things when embedded in the right sites can get placed easily in search engine page results.

embedding youtube videos

2- Increases ON-page Time

The second advantage of embedding YouTube videos in your website and blog is that it increases your on-page time and decreases the bounce rate of your website.

Every content-creator wants their visitors to stay longer on their website and embedding YouTube videos is one of the amazing ways to do it. Because when visitors watch your 2- or 3-minutes long video and also watch it till the end, it will automatically increase your on-page time and will decrease the bounce rate.

Disadvantage of embedding YouTube videos in your website

These things would definitely give you benefits by embedding your videos in your website but there are also some consequences to this.

Embedding is not always good for your site.

1- Causes distraction

The first disadvantage of embedding YouTube videos in your website and blog is that it Causes distraction.

When you embed your videos in your site and people click to watch them then after watching they may find some other videos in the recommended section and might not return to your page.

Also, if you don’t properly embed videos, it will make your website slower and may cause other problems.

2- Does not improve SEO

The second thing to note down is that if you’re embedding videos just to increase your SEO ranking and score in internet marketing then you are at fault. Embedding YouTube videos has no impact in improving your SEO ranking. To know more about SEO, read this article.

So, now you are aware of both the benefits and consequences of embedding YouTube videos, you can decide whether to embed your video or not. In my opinion, I think it is a great technique to increase your audience and get more sales and revenue on your website.


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