6 Tips to Write Effective YouTube Description

by | Dec 29, 2021

youtube description

Do you know why YouTube description is as important as your video itself? This is due to the fact that YouTube description is a very important metric in the YouTube algorithm. It not only increases your channel’s ranking but also improves your video’s SEO. The ranking and growth of your video will be determined by the quality and overall score of your YouTube description.

In addition, the description of your video should be powerful enough to give a detailed overview of the content discussed in the video. When a searcher searches on YouTube to find out a video about a certain topic,  he reads the video description below and then decides whether he click on the video or not. The same is the case with Google, when a reader searches for something, he reads the metadata also known as description., and then proceeds to click on the link.  So, YouTube video description, if done right, can bring drastic results to your channel’s engagement and ranking.

What is a YouTube Description?

The text that you write on your channel’s about page section is called the description of your YouTube channel. This channel description gives viewers an idea about your content and your brand. More importantly, it is the text that is present below every video of your channel. It acts as a deciding factor for viewers that whether they should watch the video or not.

Frankly saying, if YouTube description is done right, it can boost your channel ranking on the top of the search results. It not only grow your channel but also increases your view rate, subscription, and watch time as well.

How do you write descriptions that actually work?

Let’s discuss some of my favorite tricks one by one.

Using keywords

The very first step is to Use specific keywords.

Choosing specific and targeted keywords that best describe your video is the first thing you can do in your YouTube descriptions. After doing proper keyword research, choose 1-2 specific keywords that perfectly give a clear idea about your video content. Doing this, will maximize your search traffic and rank your channel higher.

Choose the keywords wisely and include them in the description of your videos and you’ll see the results. Besides video description, optimizing your channel description is also very crucial. And the reason why I am more emphasizing keyword research is that youtube’s algorithm is designed in a way that gives a lot of importance to the keywords used in a video. So, use them carefully and after researching thoroughly.

If you are having difficulty with what keywords to use and what not then go for keyword research tools like Ahrefs, Google keyword planner, etc. They will help you a lot in giving basic ideas.

Repeat your keywords

The next important step is to repeat your keywords.

When you repeat a keyword more than once in your videos, it lets YouTube believe that this repeated word is relevant to your video and channel. But, be careful and do not repeat more than three keywords as it results in keyword stuffing.

Write like a human

The third and most crucial tip is to write like a human.

To write like a human simply means that you have to be neutral in your way. Use simple and easy language that your audience can understand easily. Relate to the viewers. Use keywords that fit in your video and not stuff the keywords randomly.

Fortunately, you do not have to be a mastermind or an expert to write YouTube descriptions. Different online sources are available for your help free of cost. Moreover, you can read this article to learn more about youtube subscribers.

Engage with viewers

Another practical tip to apply is to tell viewers what to expect from you and whatnot. By expectation, I mean make your viewers believe that they will love the content you make in the future. And keep making videos according to the interest of your audience. Because, if you didn’t present your videos in a good way, your viewers will soon lose interest in you. This disappointment will result in a drastic decrease in your search results and your channel reputation as well. To know more about Youtube engagement, enroll in this course today and you’ll grow your channel quicky.

To avoid this, make sure you do not upload click-bait titles and thumbnails that don’t relate to your video in any way. I know, click-bait titles help a lot in getting more clicks and views but YouTube’s algorithm is smart enough to catch these techniques sooner or later.

Use Hashtags

Adding hashtags in the description of your video is also an important tip o follow. After writing a short compelling summary of your video content, make sure you add a few hashtags as well. Including 14-15 hashtags are enough, if you add more, YouTube will ignore them. So, always apply those hashtags which are relevant to your content and can engage the audience.

Add a call-to-action

Call-to-actions are clear and obvious elements to be used in a video. The best calls to action are clear, urgent, and show an obvious benefit to the viewer. Done well, they can increase engagement, subscriptions, and more.

Add a call-to-action in both your video and channel description. This will encourage viewers to like, share, comment, subscribe, and engage further. You can also include links to one of your videos or link to your playlist so more people can watch them.

Here is an example of a YouTube description template on your screens.

Line 1: Text description

Line 2-3: 1st call to action


Helpful text (video summary, transcript, etc.)



Relevant links

2nd call to action


Social media profile list

Website address

Contact information


Credits for other peoples work

In the end, I’ve made sure to enlist all the steps in this article so you can get the maximum benefits by using these tricks.


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