Secret Sauce of Great Writing

by | Dec 14, 2021

The Secret Sauce

  • 4 main ingredients
  • Simplicity- unnecessary complications, words are removed- punchy writing
  • Clarity- sharp; to the point; meaning is easily understood by the reader
  • Elegance- order and flow in the content
  • Evocativeness- engaging and captivating content

The Power of Simplicity

  • Fancy words may make you sound boring or pretentious
  • Remove the unnecessary, fancy words from your writing
  • Simplicity of content in three ways
  • Use familiar language
  • Use fewer words- remove extra words- sentences become more punchy and powerful
  • Uncomplicate the idea
  • Example: the meeting will recommence in thirty minutes, once participants have finalized their consumption of hot beverages.
  • Ans: The meeting will restart after a half-hour tea break

The Power of Clarity

  • Unclear writing restricts user from coming to your page/site/content
  • Clarity of content in 4 ways
    • Do not use curly sentences- unclear explanation of an idea
    • Avoid jargon words- e.g. value added solutions, stakeholders- they do not carry the meaning to the reader- reader does not connect easily
    • Do not be ambiguous e.g. if your dog does a poo, put it in the bin- not clear what to put in the bin- the dog or the poo?
    • Use proper punctuations

The Power of Elegance

  • Give rhythm to your sentences- they should feel as something melodious; they should connect well and should not sound to monotonous- shorten longer sentences
  • Make ideas flow well

The Power of Evocativeness

  • Use stimulating/ interesting words- create emotions, and imaginations for readers
  • Use active sentences more


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