Make Your Writing Standout in 8 Easy Steps

by | Dec 14, 2021


  • Eliminate unneeded words
  • Use simpler and easier words
  • Avoid repetition
  • Use synonyms instead of wordy sentences
  • William’s bracket technique- put brackets around words that you feel unrequired or is not unique- cut these words out and use synonyms instead- helps to avoid wordy sentences


  • Activate your sentences- use active voice and active verbs
  • They clarify vague ideas as active verbs are direct
  • Passive voice is helpful in emphasizing an action, but active voice is helpful otherwise


  • Words should be placed in order
  • Sentence pace is important as it impacts the ideas you are trying to present
  • Sentence length should be varied to have a proper flow – there should be a combination of sentences- short as well as compound ones
  • Place proper punctuations
  • Place the words used for emphasis in the end


  • Each paragraph should have a particular goal/ theme
  • Use headings, and subheadings- makes it easier for the reader to understand the content
  • Use signposts- firstly, secondly, transition words


  • Have one main idea/ theme/ concept
  • Helps to plan your content accordingly


  • Clarify the tone, theme and audience for your content
  • Understand your audience and establish a tone accordingly
  • Keep the tense and tone consistent throughout


  • Have a positive attitude towards work
  • Trust yourself; your inner voice
  • Keep your writing style natural
  • Write what interests you


  • Stay in writing practice by doing free writing- write on a topic that comes in your mind
  • Write uncensored- do not worry for punctuations and grammar
  • Prepare in advance for writing content- do research


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