Important Keyword Tools for YouTube & How to Use Them?

by | Dec 12, 2021

In this article, we will talk about what are keyword tools for youtube, how they work, and how to use them. As we all know, YouTube is growing rapidly with the passage of time. Billions and billions of videos are being uploaded on YouTube daily.

But one thing might be popping up in your mind that what these billions of users are looking for on YouTube and what type of videos you should upload?

The answer to all these questions lies only in keyword research. Keyword research is the first and ultimate factor for your videos. And to do proper keyword research, you should know some tools like that you use for Google. But, remember there is a lot of difference between Google keyword tools and a youtube tool.

So, let’s discuss some good tools that you can use for your YouTube videos keyword research.

keyword tools for youtube

1. YouTube Autosuggest keyword tools for youtube

The first and very simple among the keyword tools for youtube is YouTube autosuggest. To use it, just sign in to YouTube and write any keyword into the search bar. A list of many keywords will appear in front of you. These keywords will appear according to the type of word you searched for. These keywords are basically suggestions that are based on the previous searches people have searched on YouTube.

For example, if you write “pasta,” in the search box, you’ll see results like “Amazing pasta” and “Pasta homemade recipe,” which are the keywords that people have previously searched for. And these are very important keywords to use in your video.

You can also use an underscore for more keyword ideas.

YouTube autosuggest is one of the best keyword tools for youtube for getting tons of free keyword ideas but unfortunately, it doesn’t show the overall popularity of the search terms. For this, you have to copy the keywords into a paid tool like Ahref’s keyword explorer.

2. TubeBuddy

The 2nd tool you can use is TubeBuddy. TubeBuddy is a browser extension for Chrome having free as well as paid plans. It is the best tool for new YouTube creators as it comes with additional keyword data and adds to the YouTube User interface. The keyword explorer overlay can be seen from the search results. This keyword explorer shows a number of valuable terms like estimated global search volume, overall competition, and a keyword score out of 100. This keyword score tells the users which keyword should be used according to the search volume and competition.

Besides giving keyword ideas, TubeBuddy also has a great feature of tag lists. In it, you can create a list of important tags and use them as important keywords. You can also save this tag list and copy and paste it when uploading a video. we have covered all about tube buddy and its usage in our own youtube SEO course. Join it right now and you’ll get tons of tricks for growing your youtube channel.

3. vidIQ

Another important keyword research tools for youtube is vidIQ. Just like TubeBuddy, vidIQ is also a browser extension for Chrome having free as well as paid plans. It is the best tool for new YouTube creators as it comes with additional keyword data and adds to the YouTube User interface.

Most of its functions are similar to TubeBuddy. After adding vidIQ to your chrome extension, you’ll see the interface showing the search volume, overall competition, keyword score, tag list, and keyword rankings. They look at the competition from the top-ranking videos, not only from YouTube but from other social media platforms as well like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, etc.

Another small but important feature of vidIQ is to export the video tags into a CSV file without adding them to a separate tag list. There is a slight difference between TubeBuddy and vidIQ that vidIQ also shows the tags of both YouTube channel and video tags while TubeBuddy doesn’t.

So, whether we talk about keyword score feature, ranking feature, or trending videos tab feature, TubeBuddy and vidIQ are on the same plate by having these features.

4. Ahrefs Keywords Explorer

There are millions of keywords that run on YouTube daily. By using Ahref’s keyword explorer, you can search for approximately any keyword and see the overall competition, keyword ranking, SEO metrics, and competitor’s analysis easily just by a single click. To know more about SEO, read this article here.

In Ahref’s keyword explorer, you can also see the total number of clicks and other engagement metrics easily. It will tell you how many people are searching for that related keyword every day and also what is the overall search volume of that related keyword.

For example, the search results for “vegetarian pasta” is ~30% higher than “cheeseburger,” but the search volume for” vegetarian pasta” gets more clicks than ‘’cheeseburger”. In simple words, people are more interested in searching for vegetarian pasta instead of a cheeseburger.


Another important tool best among keyword tools for youtube is is a free as well as premium tool essentially used for getting keyword ideas around the world.

In it, you just search for a keyword and it will divide the keyword into four tabs as keyword suggestions, questions, prepositions, and hashtags. In keyword suggestions, it will suggest all the keywords except those classified as questions. The second category is questions in which you’ll see all the keywords categorized as questions. The third one is prepositions in which all the keywords containing prepositions like for, about, up, etc will be shown. And the last one is hashtags which contain keywords in the form of hashtags.

So, you’ll see a long list of thousands of keywords in front of you. You can export these keywords into a CSV file or download them easily.

What  is our preferred YouTube keyword tool?

So, you’re now well aware of all the keyword research tools discussed above. Now, it’s time to discuss our favorite tool with you. All these tools are amazing but I find TubeBuudy number 1 keyword research tool for your YouTube videos. The reason is:-

1.Easy to use

The interface of TubeBuudy is very simple and easy to use. Everything is displayed clearly and tutorial videos are also available for beginners to guide them well about this tool.

2. Multi-functional tool

By having TubeBuddy in your chrome extension, you don’t need to search for other keyword tools for youtube as TubeBuddy has all the features that you’ll need to rank your video SEO.

3. Free tool

 Mostly, newbies on the youtube journey feel it difficult to pay for a tool as they just cannot afford this but TubeBuddy solves this problem as it is a free tool.

In the end, all keyword tools for youtube is perfect in their place. The key factor is to choose the one that best fits your channel growth.


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