Why File Name is Important and How to Optimize it?

by | Dec 31, 2021

Do you think the file name of a video affects the performance of a YouTube video?

Well, everyone has his own opinion on it. You’ll see some people saying that filename is very important while others would have totally different opinions. But if you want me to answer this, I think it is important. When a video has a better file name, it simply means that it has maximum chances of showing up high in the search results. Consequently, the more specific file name you will have for a video, the more it will be viewed by the audience.

Besides creating titles, thumbnails, video descriptions, you have to work on your file name as well. A file name similar to the video title succeeds to get more overall engagement. After you have finished editing your video, you have to import it, add some description, metadata and then publish it on YouTube.

But before doing all these things, you have to make sure that the name of the video file should be the same as the content shared in the video and the title of the video. The reason is that besides indexing your thumbnail, video content, and title, YouTube also indexes your video file name as it is also a type of text.

So, as you tuber, it’s your role to increase the chances of the visibility of your channel on YouTube search results. And this can be done when you work according to the algorithm of YouTube and optimize everything according to that. Enroll in this course now if you want to grow your Youtube channel. Moreover, to find how youtube algorithm rank videos, check this blog post. If you want to grow your channel, enroll now.

Naming files is essential and is a systemic method to name the video files and save them to see later. A powerful and descriptive file name enables you to:

  • Get an idea of the actual content of a file without opening it.
  • It will assist you in Finding and identifying the video files even if they have been moved or not present in their original folder

Steps for naming a video file

Before naming a file, there are a few tricks of the trade that you should follow.

1- Design your file name

Before doing anything else to your video file, the first thing you should do is to design your file name.

A video filename contains several elements. It can be made up of elements like dates, numbers, keywords or digits, etc. It’s up to you that which type of element you want to include and in which order. You can add dates, identifying numbers, or any other element that relates to your video.

Optimize your file name

After you have designed your file name, you should optimize it according to your video filename.

Modify your file name in a way that matches the name of your video title and also includes the important and researched keywords in your video file.

So, this was all about naming your video file and optimizing it so you can get the best results in the search engines like YouTube.


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