How to use Hashtags in a video on YouTube and why?

by | Dec 29, 2021

To rank your channel and grow it on youtube, it is very important to optimize your videos. And to do this, you can use many techniques like adding hashtags, etc

Some of these techniques are adding end screens, cards, tags, playlists, or linking to other web pages, etc. These are the factors that increase your video views and rank them on youtube. Along with these ranking factors, hashtags also play a very important role to grow your videos on YouTube.

Hashtags are also used on Twitter, Instagram, and other social platforms. Finding posts and specific topics can be made easier with the help of hashtags. If you are looking for a specific topic related to a specific category, you’ll get it more conveniently if that video has hashtags in it. Just like on other social platforms, hashtags also play an important role in YouTube as well.

 Where to add hashtags?

Now, to answer this, let’s discuss some important places where we can add hashtags in a natural way.


1- Title and description

You can add hashtags by adding them to your title and description box.

Searching for hashtags is not a difficult task. You can do proper keyword research to find the techniques and important keywords that you should use in the video. You can use other social media platforms to search for important hashtags. Social channels like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook have different hashtags used in the videos. You can check out the videos and find the important hashtags in them. Do proper research before adding hashtags.

 Social media research will give you many useful ideas and keywords which you can use as hashtags. You can easily find hashtags by using different online tools. Let’s discuss some of the tools I have used in the past.

1- Twitter advanced search

Twitter Advanced Search is my most favorite tool which can help a lot in finding hashtags. This platform will help you in getting different hashtags in your area of interest.

To access this Twitter advanced search feature, you have to go to the main search page where you’ll find the advanced search option under the search filters (or you can visit

The advanced search option has various sections in which you can get different hashtags for your YouTube videos.

And the best part is Twitter advanced search gives you the courage to select or choose exactly what you’re looking for and, alternatively shows you the same Hashtag matches and their performance levels over a certain period of time. This will save a lot of the time that you have to spend in searching and going through thousands of website pages in order to search for the best hashtags.

You can get really specific with your searches too. For example, you can choose to see only posts shared by a specific account or posts shared within a certain time frame.

There are other premium tools with free trials you can use like Hashtagify, KeyHole, RiteTag, and Tweetreach. In the case of premium tools, you can use their free trial and check if it’s helping you before buying the premium version.

Importance of Hashtags

Hashtags play a very important role in your video SEO and ranking. Read this blog to know more about Youtube channel ranking. Here are some major benefits of using hashtags;-

1- Video Promotion

Hashtags are very helpful in your video promotion. For example, a person is watching a video about ‘’freelancing’’. For some reason, he doesn’t find that information which he was looking for and he sees a hashtag in that video of #freelancing, he clicks on it, and in a series of videos that appear in front of him and he clicks on yours. So, if you haven’t used #freelancing in your video, he couldn’t find your video. In this way, hashtags help you get more views.

2- Organizing your videos

Many people use playlists to categorize their videos in one series and make them easy for the viewers to search. In the same way, hashtags also organize your videos and categorize them according to a specific topic. It also helps your videos to appear more in the search results and thus increases your chance of ranking high on YouTube.

There are also some policies you should know before using hashtags in your YouTube videos.

1- Using Space

The 1st one is not to use any space. If you want to have two words in a hashtag, you can join them together (#TwoWords, #twowords).

2- Over-tagging

The second thing is Over-tagging. Adding too many tags in a single video can result in the bad performance of the video. This is because the more tags you add in a video, the less relevant they become for viewers who are searching it. More precisely, if your video contains more than 15 hashtags, YouTube will ignore all hashtags on that video. OR your video might be removed from YouTube.

3- Avoid branded hashtags

The third tip is to avoid branded hashtags. Branded hashtags are the ones that are used by a popular company or brand with its own name in it like #cocacola. People use these hashtags to increase their video ranking, but it can result in copyright claims or some illegal activity on your video. Most probably, your video will be removed from the search results.

4- Use relevant tags

Also, try to use only those hashtags which are relevant to your videos. If you keep on adding irrelevant hashtags in your video, then it may result in a violation of YouTube’s misleading metadata policy.

In the end, make sure you keep an eye on your video tags and put them wisely. Adding well-researched and well-optimized keywords in your video can result in a positive increase in your youtube channel’s performance.


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