How to Successfully Hook YouTube Videos for More Engagement?

by | Dec 12, 2021

 In this article, you’ll know how to hook YouTube videos and why is a good hook important for your YouTube videos and engagement?

Imagine someone saw your video thumbnail, read your video title and click on your video to watch more content but the intro of your video didn’t impress him and he leaves your video and click on another one.  

And this happens a lot on the YouTube platform because YouTube audiences are changing frequently and when they click on the title they want to see the good at the start of the video and trust me I have been guilty of having very long intros and I want you to give you this suggestion as well to have a short and special intro that is going to immediately hook your audience and is going to make them feel like you are delivering on the promise of your title.

What is a Hook?

Well, in literature, a hook is the opening of a story that hooks the reader’s attention so that they can engage with it and keep on reading. While on YouTube the purpose of the hook is twofold;

  1. To deliver on the promise of your title
  2.  To grab the attention of the audience so they keep watching your video.

As you know, People’s time span is going shorter and shorter with the passage of time. From recent research, the average attention span of a person is eight seconds which is even shorter than that of a goldfish. So, it’s a big challenge for you to catch your audience’s attention within the first 5 seconds and thus provide a good hook to the viewers. So, how do you attract the audience within the first 15 seconds of your video?

For this, a hook is crucial because the first 15 seconds are going to be the deciding factors between whether somebody wants to watch your complete video or whether they are going to leave this video and click on another one because  It’s really very easy for them to click Next or exit from YouTube and go search for something else.  

And many times you might have experienced that finding a good hook for your video is as difficult as climbing a mountain. You reshot the video several times, look for an engaging hook but you cannot and I can feel your frustration at that moment. But, don’t worry as in this article I have compiled some effective tips that can help you to make a good hook for your video and alternately increase your engagement.

So here are the 5 successful ways to hook viewers on your YouTube videos:

1. Anecdote

The first tip to make an amazing hook is using an anecdote. An anecdote is a short amusing and interesting story designed to illustrate a point that you’re trying to make. Basically, it is a brief story about a real person or an individual with the purpose to make the audience react to it.

For example:-  ”Do you want 1Million views on your next YouTube video?”

You can then add it in your intro by saying something like “You’re in the right place, I will tell you about the tips of getting thousands of likes and comments for your videos”. Saying this will give a good hook to your video as people are interested in knowing the secrets especially when it is about making money and becoming successful in a certain field.

2. Personal Story

People are very much interested in personal stories and experiences and when you share your own personal experience, it immediately draws viewers into the content of your video because they can relate to it as their own experience.

You can share your experience in a way like:- “When I started my channel, I couldn’t get any subscribers for two whole months. I was going to quit this and stop creating new videos until I get some inspiration from a YouTube growth course.” Doing so will attract more people to your video immediately as you have provided them with a good start.

3. Ask a Question to hook Youtube videos

hook youtube videos

You might have heard the famous saying that “He who asks the questions controls the conversation.” So, if you ask an interesting and thought-provoking question at the beginning of your video it will do two things.

First, it will grab the audience’s attention immediately, and second, it will force them to want to hear more about that certain question.

For example, you can ask a question like “How important is it for YouTubers to make videos according to the YouTube algorithm? To find more about youtube algorithms and youtube channel growth, enroll in our youtube SEO course now. In this way, people will find your video more useful particularly if you combine it with solving a viewer’s problem.

4. Make A Bold statement

 Making a bold statement is an excellent way to provide a good hook to the viewers. You can give a surprising and unbelievable statement at the start of your video. For example: “After watching this video till the end, you’ll be able to get 4000 watch hours in only one week”. This kind of statement will definitely incite viewers to watch your full video.

Moreover, starting your video with an interesting Fact or Relevant Statistic also provides a good hook for your video.  Here’s an example” An average YouTuber with 1 Million subscribers typically makes $60,000 per year. But, before adding such facts or statics, remember to cite an authentic and reliable source and make sure that the fact or statistic relates to your audience. the more relevant your video will be, the more will your video will rank on youtube and you’ll hook youtube videos. Go through this article to know how to rank and hook YouTube videos.

5. Start with a surprise

Starting your video with some surprise is an amazing way to attract viewers. When you tell them something unexpected you actually give them a reason to stay at your video till the end and know more about that certain unexpected surprise. And, it’s a great idea to insight your audience with something new whether it’s positive or negative because we all love surprises. Don’t you?

So, starting your video with a surprise or an interesting fact will not only hook youtube videos but also increase your video engagement in terms of Likes, Shares, and subscribers.

That’s it! Now you know the 5 successful ways to hook viewers on YouTube. Remember that HOOK is so important as it will increase your watch time and also increase your video engagement. So, make sure to use these steps and hook youtube videos that attract everyone to your content.


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