6 Effective Ways to Get More Comments on Youtube Videos?

by | Dec 15, 2021

An important element that boosts a video’s popularity is to get comments on youtube videos. YouTube comments are a valuable asset for companies marketing on the site or we can say for YouTubers to promote their content. Comments are the real feelings and reactions of the people watching your video. They quickly show viewers that your video is useful enough for other people to watch it, and interact further. All comments are a real appreciation, or suggestion, or improvements from your audience so you should use this feature of YouTube as it benefits your channel.

Capturing the user’s attention is the first step involved in getting more comments. But, the question is how do you capture users’ attention?

Undoubtedly, it is very difficult to capture users’ attention as there is a lot of overall competition on YouTube. But, with the right plan in place, however, it can be done. So, in this post, we’re going to go over how to get more YouTube comments on your videos by using strong strategies and tricks:-

more comments on youtube videos

1. End Your Videos with Questions

The first and quite simple technique is to end your video with questions. Adding questions in your videos encourages the audience to share their suggestions, opinions, and feedbacks in the form of answers to your questions in the comment box. And it’s a very simple way not just to get more comments but also to engage the viewers further. Just post a question at the end of your video and ask your viewers to respond to it. That’s all you have to do and in return, you’ll see high responses than your previous videos with no questions at all.

2. Promote Discussions

The next important strategy for getting more comments is to promote discussions. You can reply to some of your viewer’s comments in the comment section and start the discussion with other people on a certain topic. And you’ll be shocked to see how quickly conversations run on YouTube video comments. You can even kick-start discussions with comments. Just start a discussion on a certain topic and you’ll get higher engagement from the viewers just from comments.

3. Q & A Sessions

The third useful technique is running interesting Q&A sessions. People use this technique to answer the queries of their fans and followers and to interact with the audience. You can also conduct special Q&A sessions in which you clear the assumptions and confusion of your subscribers. Q & A sessions are an amazing technique to increase video engagement and interact with your audience.

4. Catch the Trend to Get comments on Youtube Videos

Trending events on YouTube are a great source of getting more comments. How?

 Whenever a video topic is trending on the YouTube trending tab, people are much more interested to talk about it. So, keep an eye on the YouTube trends, and make videos related to that trending topic. In this way, you’ll get more attention from the people and there are more chances of your video being popular in the search results. You can create a review-based video or a discussion-based video topic and upload it to turn on the fire of more and more engagement. To know more about YouTube engagement, check this article here.

5. Leave the First Comment

Of all the above-discussed strategies, this strategy is the most functional one. It can work not only for YouTube videos but for blog posts, Facebook posts, and Instagram posts too.

If no one comments on your video or blog post in the first initial hours, you can straight up ask someone you know personally. I have asked some of my friends, my family members, and other people I know to leave a comment on my videos, blogs, and, posts when required because it is super cool and it works for me. In the same way, leaving the first comment by asking someone can give you more comments over time. Post the comments in your channel and you’ll see faster engagement and conservations running on your way.

6- Comment on other’s videos:-

Commenting on other YouTuber’s videos is also an effective strategy to get more comments. Here are the benefits of it.

  • You connect with new people: When you comment on other videos, you get to communicate with new people that do not know about your channel and your business so you get a chance to speak among the new audiences and share your thoughts. 
  • You will increase your profile views and video views:  Commenting on YouTube videos is free and easy. So, you can say anything unique and interesting that relates to that video content and in this way, if other viewers find your comment unique and valuable, there is a possibility that they will click on your profile to know about you, can watch your videos and can even subscribe to your channel. So, this is a great trick to get more comments and overall engagement on your videos.
  • You establish yourself as an expert: Unique, smart, useful, and well-written comments attract others to the commentator quickly so if your comments fall into these categories there is a high chance of more people acknowledging your points and they might ask for more suggestions from you.
  • You get to see what’s popular on YouTube: Commenting on others’ videos simply means watching other’s content. And it’s a perfect way to keep an eye on your surroundings and noticing what strategies other popular YouTubers are using to increase their viewers and to get more comments on their videos. It’s as simple as it sounds.

At this point, you’ve accomplished the five effective strategies that can help you to get more comments on your YouTube videos. In the end, implement these tips and remember, getting more comments shouldn’t be your only goal because comments do tell the real feelings of your audience but they don’t directly rank your video in the search results.

In simple words, you can use comments to get an idea of what type of videos you should create in the future by knowing what your audience wants from you and what are their opinions on a certain video.


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