How to get initial views on YouTube?

by | Dec 29, 2021

Do you know so many people are uploading videos on YouTube daily? Some people even use fake strategies just to get initial views because views play a major role in videos ranking. So, it’s very tough for a beginner to get initial views.

Many people try many hacks and techniques to get initial views on YouTube because they are very important in building your channel from zero to many thousand subscribers but we will be discussing real strategies here to get initial views. But before that let’s discuss

Why Initial Views Are Important?

Initial views are important to help you rank high on YouTube because views, likes, and comments received in the first 48 hours of uploading your video are crucial. It is the most important time for your video to rank in the recommended videos and search.

Also, when you get a lot of initial views, there is a high chance of your video going viral on YouTube and thus attracting more audience to your channel.

How to get initial views?

There are many ways to get initial views on YouTube. Let’s look at some of the important ways.

initial views

1- Promote on Social Media

The first important way to achieve this is to promote your videos via Social Platforms

Promoting your videos on social platforms is the best way to increase your channel growth. You can share your video link to relevant Facebook groups, relevant subreddits and ask relevant public figures to share the video on their Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook page. Using social media platforms like Reddit and Facebook can be very effective for an initial boost to your video views.

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Aggressive promotion on Reddit has been proven to be an effective strategy and it should be your goal to get your video in as many places as possible but before you post your video link in a subreddit, Just keep in mind if the Subreddit allow it, your rate of promotion to other content is less than 10%, and is this Subreddit a good place to post your content. Do you know how to grow your subscribers quickly? Read this article here.

Once you’ve mastered the techniques, you may find Reddit promotion to be highly effective.

2- Paid Advertisements

The second important way to achieve this is by paid advertisements.

In addition to building your channel organically, another way you can reach and engage more initial viewers is by investing in advertising on YouTube, Google, and Facebook. Just spend a few bucks on every video so you get a good amount of initial views on your videos and you also get subscribers who would want to watch more videos on your channel. Enroll in this course if you want to grow your youtube subscribers today.


Finally, keep up building new content and upload videos daily. Consistent and unique content will take your time but costs you back with an amazing result. Optimize your videos, optimize your YouTube channel and you’ll be on the top of the search results soon.


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