5 Effective Ways to Get More YouTube Subscribers

by | Dec 15, 2021

Youtube Subscribers are the most important metrics that take a high role in deciding whether your channel will rank high on YouTube or not. And it is an important factor in the YouTube algorithm. Without this feature, YouTube cannot decide which video has high rankings and more engagement. The higher this feature will be, the higher it will be easy for YouTube to rank a channel’s video by looking at their subscriber’s count. Simply means high subscribers are very important for getting more views and thus building your channel.

How to increase YouTube subscribers?

One of the important and most useful tips for increasing YouTube subscribers is to make and upload videos consistently. Remember, Consistency leads to success and when someone subscribes to you, it simply means that he wants to get more from you. So, why allow him to unsubscribe you by not posting enough videos? Moreover, the more you post videos, the more likes, shares, and subscribers you’ll get overtime.

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But, it is not an easy job to get high Youtube subscribers. It takes much more than just building consistency and posting videos. So, let’s discuss some of the important tips that can help you to increase subscribers:-

1. Create and Publish Videos Frequently

Your subscriber rate undoubtedly depends on your uploading frequency. The more frequently you upload videos, the more subscribers you’ll get. Similarly, people will not subscribe or unsubscribe to the already subscribed channel if they didn’t get any new content for a long time.

According to recent research by social media researchers, those channels that upload more than one video in a week tends to perform better than others with zero or less than 1 video in a week because a person who subscribes to your channel gets a notification on their email every time you upload a new video. And when they get the notification, there are more chances that they will click on the video and watch it.

So, make a schedule, fix your timings and create videos frequently so you can build more chances of getting high Youtube subscribers on your channel. Read this article to know more about Youtube engagement and SEO.

2. Promote your Channel to Relevant Online Communities

Online communities play an important role in promoting your business, company, or YouTube videos. More than thousands of online platforms and communities are easily available on the internet like Linkedin groups, Twitter, Reddit, Facebook groups, quora, or any other community where you can share your videos. But, before sharing your videos on these platforms, make sure that you upload them at a right time, in the right place which is relevant to the topic.

For example, your video is network management and you’re sharing it in a group in which people are discussing the network administration and network topologies, then this is a great chance for you to spread your content around the world and grow your business, brand, or channel.

3. Only Create and Post Highly Watchable Content

Posting content that sells is the ultimate tip to get more Youtube subscribers. And it’s quite obvious. Right?  You know what your audience wants from you, you can also see what’s trending on YouTube daily, in which topics people are most interested in, so create your videos by keeping in mind all these things and you’ll never be disappointed. Pre-plan your video topics and upload videos that are highly watchable by the viewers so you can build your subscribers easily.

4. Optimize Your YouTube Videos

Optimization always brings better results. For YouTube videos, optimizing your video’s major and minor details is very crucial. The important video elements like video description, tags, title, thumbnail, and meta tags, if optimized properly can bring great results and increase your channel ranking as well. Optimizing all these elements means that you’re now ready to take your channel to a next level of high engagement, subscribers, and rankings.

5. Optimize Your YouTube Channel

Besides optimizing your YouTube videos, optimizing your channel is also important. Channel optimization can get you more and more subscribers easily but to do it make sure that you follow these steps:-

  • Add keywords in your channel’s Homepage
  • Add relevant focus keywords in your channel’s About us page too.
  • Optimize your keywords by doing proper keyword research.
  • Upload an appropriate channel art and banner image.
  • Optimize your channel description properly, by using keywords, and attractive sentences because the first 150 characters of your channel description are very important.

In the end, try to implement all these tips and keep creating unique content and you’ll get to the milestone of getting high subscribers on your channel.


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