How to get interviewed on another YouTube channel to grow your channel?

by | Dec 30, 2021

People use many strategies and tricks to grow their YouTube channel and one of these is to get interviewed on another channel. So, how do you get interviewed on another YouTube channel, and how to be an authority figure in the target market you’re focusing on?

We all know that YouTube is a very popular network with billions of users. So, if you want to grow your channel then you have to follow some tricks and techniques to achieve high ranking and growth on YouTube.

Some of these tips are to build your consistency on YouTube, make videos according to the audience’s interest, and use eye-catching titles, thumbnails, end screens, and descriptions, and get featured on another YouTube channel.

However, today we will discuss how you can get interviewed on another channel and what are the advantages of featuring on another channel?

So how do you get featured?

This is quite simple.

If you have a good connection with a popular YouTuber or your friend is a popular YouTuber, you can easily ask him to get you featured in his or her channel otherwise you can contact some popular influencers and deal with them to interview you and then by answering the questions asked in the interview you can easily get featured on another channel. Simple right?

Advantages of getting interviewed on other channel

When you get interviewed by another channel, there are many advantages to it;-

1- More Subscription

The first advantage is that you get more subscriptions.

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Getting interviewed by a popular YouTuber increases the chance of your channel subscription. People who watch you on another channel would love to hear more of you and alternatively, they will reach out to your channel for more updates. In this way, you can increase your subscribers easily. If you want to know more about youtube subscribers, read this article.

2- More Viewership

The second advantage is that you get more viewership

When you are getting featured on another channel, you are actually shifting their subscribers to your channel and this is the major benefit of getting interviewed on another channel because it drives more people to your channel, and your viewership increases.

3- Business Promotion

The third advantage is that you get to promote your business.

When you are getting interviewed on another channel, make sure to appear with great discounts and giveaways for your products or services and talk about it in your interview, doing so will attract more people to follow you and buy your products.

So, it’s a good opportunity to promote your business or company.

Besides getting featured on another channel, you can also host other popular influencers and YouTubers to increase your viewership. In the end, you’ve to keep trying all the techniques and strategies to grow your YouTube channel and build more audience.


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