End Cards & End Screens; SEO Tips for YouTubers

by | Dec 30, 2021

Features like YouTube end cards and screens are very effective in growing your traffic and viewership on YouTube. And if you’re not using them well, you are losing your chance of getting more views on YouTube.

How to add End screens and cards?

You can easily add cards and end screens to your videos by following these steps:

  • Click on creator studio
  • Go to content
  • Click edit and scroll down
  • On the left hand side you can see the option to add cards or add end screen.

But wait, are you looking for the importance of these cards and screens. There are several reasons why you should add YouTube cards and end screens in your videos. So let’s discuss them.

end cards

Importance of End cards and Screens

1- Build traffic

The first benefit is they Build traffic.

The channel built-in feature, donation options, polls, and many more are some of the best attractive and powerful features of YouTube end screens and cards that can add more traffic to your videos and drive more users to your channel. If you want to know more about Youtube engagement and SEO, read this blog here.

2- Accessible on all devices

The next important feature of adding cards and end screens is it is accessible on all devices.

YouTube cards and end screens are amazing tools to enlarge the viewership of your channel. And the bonus point is that they can work on both desktop and mobile phones.

Almost more than 50% of the YouTube audience watches it on mobile phones so it’s very important and helpful to use them in your videos. Moreover, they are easy to set up and use, work perfectly, and are very helpful to engage the audience in your content.

3- Using polls

Another benefit of adding cards and end screens is using polls.

Another great idea is to use polls to attract more audiences and involve people in your content.

4- Using Call To Action

The top advantage that I have used and you too should use for your advantage is the possibility of using a call to action.

Call to action is another amazing tool that you can use in your end screen for directing people to subscribe, watch your next video, visit a playlist of your course or other videos, or just engage further. You should always have a subscribe or watch next video button in your videos end screens. It will help people to get more of your content.

You can also use additional links or add more elements like links to your Instagram or Facebook where people could watch more of your content.

Remember that when using YouTube cards, keep in mind that they should be relevant to your content and should pop up at the right time in your video.

For example, you are uploading a video on how to create an Instagram account then your card should be about your next video related to “how to grow your followers on Instagram”. Because the person searching for instagram account would be definitely interested in growing the followers’ count as well.

So make sure to follow these tips to grow your audience using YouTube cards and end screen.


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