Importance of Bell Icon & How To Attract Viewers to Click on the Icon!

by | Dec 18, 2021

In case you don’t know about the bell icon, it is a new feature introduced by YouTube in 2016 and if you enable the bell icon for a specific channel, you will get a notification every time that channel uploads a video. So, it acts as a reminder for you so you don’t miss your favorite videos. So the point here as a creator is that more and more subscribers click on the bell icon so you can have more initial views.

How to Attract Users to Click on Bell Icon?

1- Show it By Action

One method you can use to accomplish this goal of getting people to click on the bell on your channel is to show it by actions. You can show it with a green screen template which can be used in any video.

This is a perfect strategy of showing your viewers to like, subscribe and click on the bell icon.

bell icon

2- Mention Repeatedly

When you’re explaining something in the video or revealing suspense, remind your viewers to click on the icon before watching further. This will act as a reminder message for the audience if they haven’t already subscribed and clicked on the bell icon. Repeating it again and again in the video will help to draw viewers’ attention to it in case they miss that. To know more about Youtube SEO and engagement, read this article here.

3- Schedule a surprise video

This is a tricky step to attract viewers to click on the bell icon. Take advantage of the YouTube premier option and schedule a surprise video that the audience doesn’t want to miss at any cost. Tell them to click on the bell icon in order to watch that certain video. Clicking on the bell will allow the audience to get notifications of your upcoming videos. This is also a great engagement metric that plays an important role in the YouTube algorithm.

So, follow these techniques and insist your viewers click on the bell and subscribe to the channel if you want to grow your channel.


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