Why channel home page and about us page is important?

by | Dec 29, 2021

As we know, YouTube is becoming more and more popular so everyone tries to find the solutions to their problems on YouTube’s home page after Google. Every person with a YouTube channel is using techniques and strategies to build their channel.

In this article, we will discuss how you can optimize your channel Home Page and about section? And which tools can be helpful to optimize your channel?

Keyword Research

Before you do anything to your video the first thing you should do is Keyword Research.

Before making any changes to your channel, make sure to do proper keyword research about every topic of your video. You can Use YouTube auto-suggest option or any other tool for this but make it essential to do good keyword research and then start optimizing your channel with these keywords.

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Use Eye-catching titles

Titles play a major role in your channel success when used properly. So, try to add eye-catching titles with high search volume keywords to attract more people to your videos and a user know from reading the title that how important this video is. As Titles and Thumbnails are the first things that appear in your video, so try to work more on these things to build your channel. Read this blog to learn more about Youtube engagement.

About Page

The next most important thing is about page.

You should Optimize your page carefully and in an efficient manner because the first forty characters of your about page are being indexed by YouTube. So, use attractive and high search volume keywords and sentences in the first forty characters. There are many things you can add to your about page using good keywords like:

  1. You can write about yourself.
  2. Tell the audience about your services and company or give details about your work.
  3. Give details about your channel. What your channel is about? What you can do for the audience?

4. Attach a link to your website or social platform at the end of your about page.

Optimizing Home page

Besides the About page, optimizing your Homepage is also important.

You can optimize your homepage by using proper keywords with your channel name also so you can appear in more search results by the keywords you use with your channel name.

For example, your channel name is Khurshid Sherani and you are a content marketer and make videos about marketing, you can use an internet content marketer with your channel name as ‘Khurshid – Internet Content Marketer’’.

Make sure to use relevant keywords with your channel name that match your content on YouTube. In this way, if someone searches for just ‘’content marketing’’ then your channel could be displayed in the search results because of the keywords you used with your name.

And one more thing you can do to optimize your homepage is by uploading a good cover photo of your channel with a call to action button in it. Share the usernames of your other social platforms in your cover photo to engage people to your other platforms also.

Use Tags and Description

Another helpful tip is to use tags and descriptions in your videos.

But, keyword research is also necessary here. Research about the most searched things and topics through YouTube Auto-Suggest Feature or any other tool and add them as your tags and descriptions.

You can also see your competitor’s tags to build your channel. Whenever someone searches for that related topic there, it’s is a great chance for your videos to show up in the search results if you have used those searched keywords in your videos as tags and descriptions.

Moreover, tags and descriptions help YouTube to index your content more easily. And that’s what you want.

Add Playlist and Captions

The last worth applying technique is to add playlists and captions.

Using playlists and closed captions are also great tools to optimize your channel. Playlists help your videos to be organized in one place and made it easy for the viewers to watch a particular video.

Using good keywords in the playlist’s name assists in your channel growth.

 Closed captions are also very useful for your content to be watched by all types of audience, especially deaf or those who can’t understand what you are saying. People can also easily watch your videos in a noisy environment or during traveling.

There are also some more things that can help you to optimize your channel like using category labels, meta descriptions, linking to web pages, etc which can help you to build more traffic to your channel and to increase your ranking.


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