How does linking to a website affect your YouTube ranking?

by | Dec 30, 2021

I’ve repeated this sentence again and again that it’s not that easy to rank on YouTube, but there are some tricks and techniques like linking to a website that can help in your channel growth. Some of them are using proper keywords, web linking, playlists, captions, and thumbnails, etc to build your channel.

But remember that using these tools and strategies would not help you to get more views and likes overnight. Just like other SEO strategies; these will also take time to help grow your channel slowly if used in a proper way.

So, today our main focus is on how you can link to a YouTube channel from your own or someone else’s website? And why linking to YouTube from different websites or websites like Quora and Reddit is important?

The first question is How to link your YouTube channel to a website?

Well, you can easily link your YouTube channel to a website if you are a part of the YouTube partner program.

After becoming part of the YouTube partner program go to your creator studio, on the left-hand side, click on the settings in the menu> click on channel > and then scroll to “advanced channel settings” at the bottom; click here and wait for the page to open. Associate a website and you’re done.

You can add other websites’ links too in your comments, description, and about section, but when you add links to a website you’re associated with, it looks legitimate and authentic. After associating your channel with a website, it’s now time to add your website links to your channel.

You can add a backlink in the about section of your channel homepage. Besides adding your introduction in the about section you can also add a link to your website in it. Read this blog here to know more about Youtube channel growth and subscribers.

Add it in the description

Adding links in the description box of your videos can be very beneficial in your channel growth. You can easily add a link in the description box with a small introductory line. But make sure to use HTTP or HTTPS with whatever link you add otherwise it would not be clickable. Moreover, if you want to grow your subscribers quickly, then join this course today.

In the Comments

Another place where you can add links is in the comments section.

Adding links to the comments section is also very beneficial because viewers who are watching the comments will click on the link if it’s useful and relevant to them.

linking to a website

Why linking to a website is important?

Now, let’s move to our main topic of discussion that Why linking your website is important?

As you have now some information about how to link your channel, you might be wondering why it is important. What are the merits of linking YouTube channels to your website? So, let’s discuss that:-

1- Engagement

The first benefit of backlinking and linking to a website is it engages more people.

Before adding links to your channel, make sure that they are relevant to your video topics.

For example, if your video is about ‘’How to make a blog’’ and your attached link is about ‘’Tips to grow your channel’’ then it would not work for you. Don’t compromise on the relevancy of the topic in greed to add links because it may distract your audience and you may get very little audience retention and it may affect your channel growth.

On the other hand, if you add a relevant and more useful link to your video, there is a good chance of the audience visiting your website with a good audience retention rate?

2- High Ranking

The second important benefit of linking to a website is it helps you to rank higher.

Adding relevant and more informational links not only engages more people to your channel but also help YouTube to recognize your content and made them believe that you have great content for the related topic and alternatively your video will be displayed more in the search history. In this way, you can easily rank your channel high on YouTube.

So, these were the few strategies and importance of associating your channel to either your own website or any other website.


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