3 Effective Strategies to Get Recommended by YouTube

by | Dec 12, 2021

In this article, I want to give you a plan, a strategy that you can implement on your channel in order to get recommended by youtube and just dominate those suggested views and blow up your channel.

While so many YouTube creators are focusing on the search to try to grow their channels. But what I have found is that when your channel is growing very fast, it is very rarely because people search your content. It almost always comes from suggested videos and the homepage.

How does YouTube suggest videos?

First of all, YouTube suggests videos because they believe that the next video that they’re surfacing for the viewer is likely the next video that they will want to watch because they watched this previous video. What YouTube is trying to do is increase that viewing session on the platform for as long as possible. YouTube will track that information, and start learning that if we surface video A, people stay on YouTube for an extra thirty minutes. But if we put video B in front of them, they stay on YouTube for only an extra five minutes. So video B will probably not become nearly as suggested as video A.

So one practical takeaway here is that if your videos are always trying to end the viewing session by getting people over to your website, to buy your course, or follow you on Instagram, Facebook, or whatever, that video just might not perform very well for the long term because if it’s effectively ending the viewing session on YouTube platform, then it’s probably not going to be suggested that great in the future.

What does it mean by getting suggested or recommended by YouTube?

Before we discuss further, I really need to explain what I mean by getting recommended or suggested by YouTube. So you can see the recommended videos either on your YouTube home page or on the sidebar when you are watching a video. If you’ve ever noticed videos on your home page, those videos are not videos from the people that you are subscribed to.

YouTube does have an algorithm where they determine what videos you are going to like, and what videos you are going to watch, so they can keep you on the platform for even longer and longer. In terms of the sidebar on the right-hand side of all of your YouTube videos, this includes recommendations of videos they think you should be watching next. So I’ll be talking about how to do YouTube SEO so your videos can appear in both of these places and you will be get recommended by YouTube. To know more about how to get recommended by YouTube, have a look at one of our YouTube marketing course videos.

recommended by youtube

So if you look at your channels’ analytics, traffic from the home screen, subscription feed, watch later, and other browsing features means “Browse Feature” and traffic from suggestions that appear next to or after other videos means “Suggested Videos Traffic”.

How to be at the top of this recommended videos list?

Now, let’s discuss how to be at the top of this recommended videos list and how to be get recommended by YouTube. I know it’s not what you guys want to listen but one of the most important things that I want you all to remember is that you need numbers to get more numbers; If you are at the point where you’re getting only 10 views on your YouTube videos and asking why aren’t you getting picked up at YouTube Suggested videos, you need to have a proof to show YouTube that you actually have a good video and people like that video and they’re engaging positively with that video.

Then and only then, you will be recommended by the YouTube platform.

Suggested videos algorithm not only works on the basis of likes you are getting but also other engagement metrics like how many viewers are there, how many comments are there, and how many viewers actually watched the video till the end. So, there are some tips that can help you to focus on YouTube search or YouTube recommended videos. if you want to know more about how to rank your videos high on Youtube, you should go through this short article first.

1- Focus on YouTube search

For the start, you can definitely focus on YouTube Search instead of Suggested Videos as you need views and engagement on your video to appear in the recommended videos but your goal should not be the YOUTUBE SEARCH only.

2- Use Youtube analytics

In your YouTube analytics section, you can see what videos are driving you more views to your YouTube channel. Most of the videos that are driving views to your youtube channel may be your own videos if you have a defined niche and not just uploading every type of video. YouTube understands that what video to show you next if you are watching this specific video as I already said YouTube wants to recommend videos that they think viewers are honestly going to watch; so they stay on the platform for longer.


3- Make a call to Action

One other tip to be in the suggested videos is to make a Strong Call to Action at the end of the video where you yourself suggest a video or a playlist and tell them why they should watch this video next.

So, by implementing above discussed techniques and tricks you can select whether you should focus on a YouTube search or YouTube recommended videos?


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